BH Cosmetics - Jenni Rivera - 36 Color Eyeshadow and Blush Palette

7:31 PM

This is my 1st review ever and I just cannot wait to share this fabulous palette with you.  I bought this eyeshadow/blush palette online at BH Cosmetics a while back and hadn't tried it until this weekend.  My first impression was, ok, it's smaller than what I expected but let's see how pigmented the colors are, that's when I was totally blown away just as I was applying the eyeshadow.  You really don't need much product on your brush to get a great look.

As you may know there are 36 eyeshadows and 6 blushes, some are matte, glittery and shimmery. Overall, my favorite would be the shimmery eyeshadows.  My least favorite at least for my skin tone would be the matte colors, I found them a little to light to even show up and pick up with my brush. 

This is the palette, see all the nice colors.

Top to Bottom:  1st row, love all the colors even though some are matte.
2nd row, the non shimmery are matte.
3rd row, awesome colors as well.
4th row are blushes, very nice too.
 All of these colors are exceptional, must haves.

Non-flash. left to right.

With Flash, left to right.

Blushes - No Flash

Blushes - With Flash

Final Thoughts:  Yes, I would buy this Palette again.  You get a great range of colors, super pigmented.  
Where to Buy: BH Cosmetics 
$$:  $17.47 Plus Shipping
FTC: I bought this palette with my own money.

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